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Astronomy of U
TUNE in 2022
CRE8 your 2023 w/ coHUE32° 5G DNA STAR Alchemy Tools.

DISC•over UR HUES- NATAL: Draconic: Progressed tracks your progress once you have cleared the REST: TESTS: of each ray! Then blending together align with your souls highest vibe and timeline. Utilizing all knowledge to know now what cycles we and other in other dimensions are in. Allows it all to be made NU again with creation power that will blow your mind. Knowing what energetic cycle the collective is in sighing the 32- where those hit you. When you are connected consciously to the highest star energetic below is high low we also go. These “tests” coHUE32° calls mastery events. They are already happening in your reality. Get tuned in and next time, you will see it.

🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣 Contact Chastia: Which way RESONATES? Take a deep breathe and ask, should I contact Chastia? What was first thought? If yes, then scan below ⬇️ which channel resonates to contact? How you come into my reality shows me much about who you are and connections. I am a pure being. Used this process and went through the process I teach. Once you connect, you are instantly lifted in energetically by collective energy source codes connected into me. And the clearing and healing begins instantly in your world. It’s proven. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself again, am I to contact Chastia?
TELEGRAM: @chastiacav
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All material and all information and frequency of this channel | website and personality of Chastia CAV and CoHUE32 is sealed by Family TM. Invitations welcome to collaborate.

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