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3 Acupressure Points for Pain, Stress, Energy

Learn a point to clear pain, one to clear stress, and one to increase energy. Lee Holden is an acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, and has taught Qi Gong for over 31 years. Use these points on yourself or on someone else! Learn the “Tylenol Point” to quickly relieve pain. There are stories of people performing open-heart surgery with no anesthetic… they just used this point. The second point you’ll learn can help you clear stress and anxiety. You can clear stress in just 30 seconds using this point in combination with several deep breaths. The last point you’ll learn is called “The Door of Life.” Massaging this point naturally stimulates the kidneys and helps increase energy. These are just three points out of hundreds in Traditional Chinese Medicine. If you want to learn more acupressure points for self-healing, click the link below to learn more about Lee Holden’s Acupressure & Meridians for Self-Healing Workshop.

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