coHUE32° coloringbook

my HUES from the STARS ⭐️
Astronomy of ME

16 pages with colored cover

$ 35

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CoHUE32° Astronomy of ME my HUES from the STARS ⭐️

What STAR ⭐️ energy rays does your AURA & etheric layers connect too? Want to find out instructions for LIFE in true HUE REALITY?
Cash App: $35 for 1 book – shipping included
2 books: SPECIAL: $60 shipping included
— partners/ children/ husbands/ friends/ schools/ rehab addictions/ ADD/ children at 7 have done them with assistance. Adult does the writing and child and adult draw the rays.
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2 books: $60 shipping and transaction fee included.
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DISTRIBUTE: retail prices set at $30 any service you give is yours to keep
1-10 books 20$ no shipping
11-30 books 18$ | cost will go down as we order more rolling it back to distributors as we get better pricing for groups 💦so much more on the way.
All of you have so many creations under these rays. Can’t wait to see them.
Stay tuned. This is step one. We are doing this together.