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StarAONomy Reading:
To Master the 3D WE must know what Frequency and what energies we brought into this Polarized realm. In doing so, we clear these programs and experiences that were associated to the frequency we brought in. Once tuned we vibrate and magnetize to oUR TRU missions/ Mates and CRU. The key is embodiement, these energies are not just in your head or in your closet. What is UR YELLO say HELLO and find out:
StarAONomy: MLH- Multi-level Healing

Let me ask you what is the best way for you to learn? Reading or being talked too? This is first step. 

Sessions to book:

Full Drawn Chart & Write up will be $222
Full drawn chart and Coaching for 2-3 hours is $333 – usually how long this one takes. 
Drawn chart and 1 hour – $255
Drawn chart: $155- with all markings including StarSeed locations and shift details 
Made some recommendation. Once chart is done you can always just book a 30-60 min session to get more info!!! 

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